Sharma family goes ballistic dancing!

posted by , last updated on July 13th, 2013 at 5:56 pm

We all know how excited the Sharma family gets on witnessing celebrities in their house. When the God of dancing – Prabhu Deva visited them this week on Comedy Nights with Kapil, could they miss out on the opportunity to flaunt their rather flamboyant dancing skills in front of the master himself?

Seen in bizarre and extremely flashy get-ups, every member of the Sharma family was seen trying very hard to out-do each other with their rather filmy and extravagant dance performances, vying hard for the attention of Prabhu Deva in hope of obtaining a role in one of his upcoming movies.  When asked who the worst of the lot was by Kapil, who was anyway clearly distraught at the awkward situation his family had put him in, Prabhu Deva very diplomatically answered, “A lot of effort was put by everyone in their performances. It reflected in their acts. I was impressed with everyone, so I can’t say anyone was bad.”

Well, along with comedy, a lot of dancing seems to be happening on this week’s Comedy Nights with Kapil! Tune into the show this weekend at 10.00 pm only on COLORS to catch all the action!

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