Shani takes the 'Dandnayak' avtaar!

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In the last episode we saw that Shani leaves it on Dharmraj Yam to decide whether Sanghya should be punished for her wrong deeds. Sanghya feels very confident that Yam being her son would be on her side and wouldn’t take any decision that goes against her. But when Yam sits on Soorya’s throne he gets to see the truth about Sanghya and feels extremely hurt. Yam says that Shani should definitely put his drishti on her for her misdeeds as a woman and a mother. Sanghya’s repeated attempts to manipulate Yam fail.






Shani declares that he would take the form of Dandnayak and then do justice. We will now see Shani in his Dandnayak avatar. This avatar will make Shani stronger. Mahadev would declare that whenever the universe will ignore Shani’s warning he will take the form of Dandnayak and punish the people.






We will see Sanghya finding ways to escape from all sorts of dand. Step by step Sanghya will go through her part of sufferings, she will see dreams wherein she would find herself in different situations where someone from her life would have suffered in the similar manner in past because of her, she would feel the same pain and realize what she has done to people who are associated to her.






On the other hand Chhaya would get her place in Soorya dev’s life as a right.






In the upcoming episodes we will see how Sanghya’s punishment would begin by her family coming on Chhaya’s side. There would be some more to be followed.






Every episode will be truly exciting this week!

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