Shani Gets Awakened To His Mission

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All is well that ends well. Something similar is happening in the current track of ‘Shani.’ After all the havoc that was created due to the disheartened state of Shani, everything came to a standstill when Mahadev confronted him in front of everyone to make him realize what he was doing and in order to make him stop doing any sort of destruction further.

Mahadev through his powers releases Shani from all the chakras that led him feel miserable, sorrowful, angry, insecure, fearful and aggressive. Shani calms down to a large extent and later questions Mahadev that why did his mother, Chhaya die even after getting a blessing to live long, also Shani questioned if everyone has to pay for their good and bad deeds, then what was that bad deed done by his mother that put an end to her life in such a manner?. Answering to his first question, Mahadev says that it wasn’t him who took away his mother’s life, but Chhaya herself chose to sacrifice herself as she was aware of her son, Shani’s mission of being a ‘Karmphal data.’ Mahadev said that she knew she was the biggest hurdle in her son’s life and goal as he was too attached to her, and if he had to go ahead in life fulfilling his mission he had to be justified towards everyone and not be attached with any sort of sentiments that might hinder him in any way.





Answering the second question Mahadev says that chhaya wasn’t punished in any way for her Karmas but she was rewarded. She has a son like Shani who is a shadow of her own sacrifice and values, hence whatever she did was truly wise and justified.

Finally Mahadev declares that Shani would be the one who would do justice to the people doing good and bad deeds. He would reward or punish them for their karmas. Mahadev gives Shani the ‘Divya Drishti/ Vakra Drishti through which he would be able to know everything that any person had done right or wrong.





Shani requests Mahadev on how one can use the Vakra drishti correctly, and if he could try it for the first time on Mahadev himself.

Mahadev looks at Shani. What happens next? Are you excited to know more?





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