Shani eclipses Surya Dev!

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Yama gets killed in the fight between Asuras and Devas to establish sovereignty over the Earth. Shani brings back his body to Surya Lok. A stunned Sangya goes in shock and faints. Vishwakarma calls upon the Dasis to take her away.


shani 6


shani 2


In the meantime, Surya Dev, completely unaware of his son’s death, walks in. Upon knowing the truth and seeing his beloved son’s dead body, he gets extremely furious. He is wrathful towards the Asuras and ready to turn them to ashes when Shani intervenes.


Shani 4


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Shani takes the complete moral responsibility for Yama’s death and is willing to face his father’s fury. In the nick of time, Chhaya runs in front of the fire released by Surya Dev. She is hit and gets killed instantly.


Shani 10


Everyone is stunned at this while an angry Shani eclipses Surya Dev for killing his mother.


Will Shani forgive Surya Dev? Or will the rift between father and son become irreparable? How will Yama live his fate of being a ‘Dharma Raj’? Will Sangya’s truth get revealed to Surya Dev?

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