See what the challengers do to win the kitchen area?

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Ok, so as an extension of the luxury budget task for this week, both the teams had to gather in the activity area. One member from each team had to crush the fruits and vegetables present in the barrel, and the other two members from the respective teams to drink the juice that came out of the tap attached in the barrels. The juice was to be filled uptil the mark on the bottle, and whichever team drank the entire juice first would win the Kitchen.


Now, as we all know, this area is extremely important in the entire house and I was wonder if they had clean feet to crush the fruits!  But the idea was to choose two members from Challengers team, also the challengers to choose two members from champions team whom they would challenge.


Challengers chose Rahul to crush the fruits and vegetables whereas, Sambhavna to drink the juice while the Challengers also chose Dimpy to crush whereas Karishma to drink the juice. One more advantage that came in Champion's kitty was that the challengers could start the activity 15 seconds after the Champion's had started the task. 


Eventually, Rahul’s team got lucky in filling the bottle early, and Sambhavna gulping the entire pulp in one go! and won control over the Kitchen area. But Karishma is known for never give up spirit, she actually took mauke ka faayda by stealing milk packs, and as many fruits as she could before the Kitchen team caught her! Smart girl you see!


Well played both the teams!


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