Saumya Finds Strength In Her Weakness To Save Harman On 'Shakti'

posted by Tuhin Mitra, last updated on May 24th, 2017 at 6:34 pm

Saumya & Harman have been trying to live out a life together after leaving the house, with Harman trying to make ends meet by finding a job as a stuntman. Saumya recently learned about Harman’s dangerous job after he kept it a secret from her and was shocked!


In the coming episodes, we will see how Harman lands himself in a dangerous situation which could change their lives forever. But Saumya is not one to sit silent and see the love of her life suffer, as she will turn her weakness into her biggest strength. After having struggled her whole life as a transgender woman, Saumya will step up and go to great lengths to save the man she loves.


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Things will take a new direction as Saumya will make the most difficult decision of her life to save Harman’s life!


Are you excited to see how the story will unfold?



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