Saumya and Harman decide to confront Kareena on 'Shakti'

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In the previous episode, we saw villagers storm into Harak Singh’s house to know the truth behind Saumya’s half torn poster they found on the street. Surbhi managed to handle the situation by making up a story to make them leave and hide Saumya’s truth from them.

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Saumya, upset by this, blamed herself for all the mishappenings and told Harman and Surbhi that she wanted to die. Harman and Surbhi consoled her and told her that there would be no life for them without her.

Mallika mocked Kareena and told her that her plan had failed and she warned her not to repeat this again. Harman blamed Kareena for the poster incident and called Varun to ask him about the help they offered to Kareena. Varun agreed and told him that he was in the hospital with Kareena to save her mother’s life. Harman and Saumya decided to meet Kareena to know the entire truth.

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Saumya and Harman made their way to Kareena’s place but Kareena left after she saw them enter.

Will Saumya ever find respite from all her troubles? Will Kareena continue to scheme against Saumya?

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