Sangya's return from penance marks a major twist on Shani!

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Sangya, the wife of Surya Dev, had left for a long penance that would enable her to withstand the high temperature of her husband. She had left behind her clone, Chhaya, so that no one gets to know about her absence. While Chhaya is fulfilling her duties towards Sangya’s children and also Surya Dev himself, she has a son of her own, none other than, Shani.


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Life was moving on as usual and nobody suspected that it was actually Chhaya who was living as Sangya, until Chhaya developed a certain disease that cannot be cured and in the course of events, Vishwakarma, Sangya’s father got to know the truth. He also warned Chhaya that she, the clone, will completely vanish upon Sangya’s return.


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In the meantime, Chhaya’s disease keeps increasing and Shani sets out on a difficult journey to meet the God of Gods, Mahadev. He wants Mahadev to intervene and bring back his mother’s health. However, the turn of events on the other hand is such that Chhaya’s very existence is doubtful.


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Now, Sangya completes her penance and begins her journey back home, to Surya Lok


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Vishwakarma meets Sangya on her way to Surya Lok and asks her about where she’s returning from. He takes Sangya to his own palace and traps her there.


Surya Dev visits the palace of Vishwakarma and requests him to cure Sangya




Surya Dev, still unaware that it is actually Chhaya who is living as Sangya, meets Vishwakarma. He wants Vishwakarma to cure her. Sangya is trapped in the same palace but Surya doesn’t see her there.


Sangya escapes from Vishwakarma’s cage


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Eventually, the fateful moment occurs. Sangya manages to break free from Vishwakarma’s trap and proceeds to Surya Lok.


Sangya confronts Chhaya at Surya Lok


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Needless to say that upon reaching Surya Mahal Sangya and Chhaya come face to face.

What do you think will this confrontation lead to?


Shani manages to save Chhaya



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While the drama in Chhaya’s life intensifies, on the other hand, her son, Shani is on the toughest journey of his lifetime. He faces many obstacles. Vishnu also tries to deter him from his mission but Shani triumphs all odds and reaches Mahadev. He promises to detach himself of all attachments and gets a boon from Mahadev. Chhaya gets cured of her deadly disease.


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