Sanghya pays for her wrong deeds on Shani

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on May 29th, 2017 at 4:07 pm

Uptil now in the story of Shani we all saw how Sanghya came up with malicious ways and did wrong to so many people around her. Finally the time came when Shani as a karm phal data put the vakra drishti on her to make her realize her mistakes and punish her for all the misdeeds done.





The major shock will be when Sanghya would find her family being happy with Chhaya, with whom she had animosity. She would feel immense pain looking at them together and not with her.





In the upcoming episodes this week we will see how Soorya dev will feel the compassion for Chhaya, which would put Shani at ease. He would express in front of Soorya dev about giving his mother the due respect and position that she deserves. Soorya dev would be seen being guilty about whatever happened in the past. In the meanwhile an agitated Sanghya would find end number of ways to come out of the trap she is in and set herself free.



You also can’t miss the moments when Sanghya would once again plan to kill Shani taking Mali Somali in confidence. There would be a major fight between Mali Somali and Surya dev. In an attempt to protect Chhaya and stop Mali Somali from attacking, Soorya dev’s chest would get pierced by Mahadev’s trishul. This would happen when Mahadev would want Soorya to stop the fight.

The entire cosmos would get into darkness after this! Can you guess why? Want to know what will happen next?





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