Sanchi's secret gets revealed in front of Dr. Kabir

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Life is getting complicated for Sanchi day after day. In the last episode we saw how Sanchi impresses Dr. Kabir unknowingly by giving the right advice to a patient’s husband who was ignorant about the after effects of several old traditions and cultures, one of the issues which made his wife unfit.


Dr. Kabir saw the sincerity in her and asked her to join back her duty.






On the other hand Sanket sends Priya back home and Vikrant who was waiting for her at her place bombards her with several questions. Handling the matter, Dr. Anand Malhotra declares in front of everyone that Priya would never do anything in future that puts her family in shame, this puts Vikrant at ease.






In the hospital, the life supporting machine stops working due to which Sanchi Agarwal’s health starts deteriorating in the store room.  Pragya and Isha ask Sanchi to rush into the store room. Sanchi decides to tell all the truth to Dr. Kabir. Incidentally, a nurse tells Dr. Kabir about the same machine that has gone missing from the hospital, and suddenly they see Sanchi coming out of the store room.  Before Sanchi could utter a word Dr.Kabir and the nurse find Sanchi Agarwal in an unconscious state.






Sanchi is in a fix once again! What will happen now? Will this put an end to her career and break all the trust Dr. Kabir had re-built in her?


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