Sanchi starts working towards fulfilling her father's dreams on 'Savitri Devi College & Hospital'

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In the past few episodes we have seen how Sanchi is strongly resolved not to deviate from her mother’s expectations. She is deeply pained to know about her late father and things that happened with him in past. Sanchi stays determined to become a good doctor by doing things she should be doing right.






This week we will see how Pragya and Sanchi are allotted duties to take care of the pregnant ladies. However, the babies get exchanged. Sanchi minutely gets into the matter. Now we have to see if she will be able to resolve things.


On the other hand Priya gets devastated to see Sanket with a girl called Monica in a questionable state in a hotel. With a broken heart she goes back and agrees to get married to Vikrant. The family starts preparing for their mehendi ceremony. But Sanket gets arrested for molestation charges.







Interestingly, Veer manages to convince Sanchi for a date however at the knick of time Sanchi doesn’t turn up because of an emergency at the hospital.


With so many things happening in the serial, do you think Sanchi will be able to turn things around? Will Veer be able to understand why Sanchi did this? And will Sanket ever be able to have Priya back?



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