Sanchi gets suspended on Savitri Devi College & Hospital

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In the last episode of Savitri College & Hospital, Veer tells Sanchi that he knows about the girl patient who is kept hidden in the store room. If Sanchi wants him not to reveal this to anybody she should come for his party. Sanchi has no other option but goes to attend the party with Pragya and Isha. Sanchi by then had already received a yellow card (warning) for her carelessness by Dr.Kabir.






During the party Riya informs Dr. Kabir that Sanchi is enjoying in a party. Here Veer gives a dare to Sanchi for a kiss, which eventually doesn’t happen and Veer tells her he would wait for another moment for the kiss to happen. Annoyed Sanchi tries to walk away from him and right then Dr. Kabir arrives at the scene and fires her that despite his warning she paid no heed. Dr. Kabir gives her a red card, and tells her she is suspended for 2 days. An upset Sanchi walks out of the party along with Pragya and Isha.






On the other hand Priya leaves her home to be with Sanket at his place. But when she arrives Sanket tells her about the 2 years bond that he has signed with Savitri Devi College & Hospital which doesn’t give permission for marriage for next 2 years. Priya feels hurt and shocked to know that Sanket didn’t talk to her about this before taking such a major decision.






Just then Jaya arrives and tries to pacify Priya. She tells her nobody can force her for marriage if she doesn’t want to. During the conversation Jaya gets to know that Priya’s father is Dr. Anand Malhotra and just in a moment she goes in the flash back wherein she sees Savitri, Dr. Anand’s ex wife along with a little girl, Jaya remembers that how she was pregnant at that point in time and expressed that she would want a girl child just like Priya.






Many more revelations as such to happen!


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