Sambhavna's act makes others go rolling on the floor!

posted by Admin, last updated on January 15th, 2015 at 11:01 am

Oh my my! Sambhavna was so talented I didn’t know before. She is not in real talking terms with Mahek post the whole nominations and captaincy drama, and now she has got one more reason to make fun of her with the people who are supporting Sambhavna. This morning Upen, Karishma, Sana and Dimpy all surrounded Sambhavna encouraging her to show a demo how Mahek acts and behaves because just a while ago Sambhavna was all up with her act in a very sarcastic way. And without making any nakhraaz Sambhavna started off enacting a sequence wherein Mahek went upto every men whom she has sometime or the other said “Aap kahin nahin jaa rahe hain”  post nominating the same people, be it Rahul or Gautam. As Sambhavna enacted she also demonstrated how Mahek hugged the same person and stabbed a khanjar behind that person’s back by nominating him or her. And just to be in good books, she would approach each one of them and say “You are not going anywhere”. And this one liner has gone viral in the house! By this Mahek was clearly depicting she was a double standard entity and was cunningly playing the game.All this happened while Mahek was thankfully not around.


But one thing that made the people laugh throughout was the whole exaggeration Sambhavna made of Mahek’s body language and lingo! With some added spice of acting like a seductress as she approached the guys!!! *Buwahahahaha*


This Hilarious bit will lighten up you mood!


Catch the episode tonight!


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