Sambhavna wants to support KT in every possible way!

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Sambhavna Seth has experienced many setbacks in the house Once when it was Rahul and the other time it happened to be Gautam, who had hurt her. But, somewhere she had always liked KT, which she expressed during many occasions.


It came to my sight this afternoon when I noticed Sambhavna telling Karishma in the bedroom that if she got chance to save anybody amidst unpredicted happenings in the house it would be her. She cited the example of the first offer that was given during the ‘Torture cage’ task, where one person could leave the task midway and avail the privilege to nominate one person of their choice directly during the next nominations. Same way if there would be an option to save someone, Sambhavna said she without second thoughts would give Karishma’s name!


Karishma was quite touched to hear this and expressed how people were always against her and wanted her to be ostracized. She said that she believed if her opinions and choices made people think she was ‘Selfish’ then be it. She wasn’t bothered about being called selfish or self-centered.


Sambhavna said that she had her personal reasons why she would save Karishma. But Sambhavna, just two days back I heard you telling you keep personal things personal and don’t use nominations or people as weapon to give an answer to someone in revenge. Oh now aren’t you biased?


Be back with some more Khabars!


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