Sambhavna shares how Bigg Boss Season 2 gave her a name!

posted by Admin, last updated on January 12th, 2015 at 12:23 pm

Sambhavna was being truly honest while taking Pritam through her career journey. Not hesitating even once to share what all stages came in her life making her run almost out of work! She shared about her struggles right from where she started off being an item girl, when work came on and off, to the times where there was no work. Then she went on sharing her mega break in the movie-36 China town, for a song which became quite famous, followed by her stint in Bhojpuri film industry which earned her lots of recognition. But the major recognition she received was only after she entered the Bigg Boss house! And she said she couldn’t have thanked god more. Pritam looked quite impressed hearing out the story and appreciated for the good work she had been doing.


In another corner of the house Ali was up with his entertainment. He mimicked various airplane announcements of various regions and countries which sounded hilarious. Yeah! he also irritates Rahul by becoming inquisitive to know more and more about science and fiction. Two days back he kept asking questions about the Galaxy and Solar system, today he kept asking about Ozone layer. Rahul, who looks quite knowledgeable and answers his queries quite patiently, off late is seen more annoyed with Ali. But Rahul, I think you should appreciate this side of Ali, who is always keen to know about the new things and learn, at least much better than gossiping and bitching!


But I can understand Rahul too! His focus right now is different. You know what I mean! (Winks)




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