Sambhavna realizes that Sana was closest to her heart!

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Sambhavna cried like a baby after Sana left the house yestereday. In fact, she cried buckets for hours. Everyone knew that the two ladies were together all the time and the bonds grew stronger during the two weeks even more. Sambhavna was missing her friend badly this morning when she said how convenient Sana made it for her by dropping the big bomb on Mahek, making her unsafe during the week.


As Mahek had deeply hurt Sambhavna, she  somewhere felt that Sana helped her in a way by nominating her or else for her it would have been very difficult and awkward because Mahek was a good friend at some point in time. Sambhavna also added that the people use personal grudges to nominate each other, which was never her funda,she said she always would prefer keeping personal thing personal and not as a weapon to nominate somebody. Citing an example about Gautam who had hurt her very much, Sambhavna said she would never ever nominate him for those reasons, also that she has promised to stand by him no matter what. I am impressed Sambhavana!


Towards the end of the topic, Sambhavna also mentioned that she was part of champions only because of Sana, flaunting her black mic!


Why was she upset with Gautam? Find out tonight! 


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