Sambhavna frowns over Rahul's behaviour!

posted by Admin, last updated on January 20th, 2015 at 1:51 pm

When I saw Smabhavana ths morning, I could only sense that she was absolutely miffed with Rahul. She was seen frowning and telling how he acted mean all the time with her. She said she had always tried to maintain good relations with Rahul, but she knew as they all would step out of the show he wouldn't even bother to look back and ask how she was. Sambhavna shared that Rahul carried the same attitude even during season 2. She also went on saying how he told her before entering the house this time that she should stand by him as a friend whenever support was needed. And as per her, she remained loyal as a friend but Rahul had a wrong attitude towards her when he didn't need her.


Sambhavna was literally screaming out at a moment. She said that Rahul had always done this with her and still he wasn't bothered to care for her sentiments and that she was unnecessarily caring for him.She felt as if she wasn being used emotionally.


Rahul wasn't around all this while, but what must have gone wrong between the two making Sambhavna think like that? Was Rahul actually using an old friend for his own good?


Catch it all in tonight's episode



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