Sambhavna and Dimpy declared rivals in the House!

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The story began with Karishma asking everyone to gather in the living room area so that she could give the weekly duties to all. Everything was moving smooth until Dimpy prompted in between while Karishma and Sambhavna were discussing Sambhavna’s duties. Sambhavna, who is known to be quite blunt and upfront, got impusive that very moment as she shouted back at Dimpy asking her to shut up! She clearly stated that she was standing there just to listen to the captain and nobody else. And especially Dimpy was non-existent for her.

But Dimpy passed on an expression as if she didn’t care whatever she said. This made Sambhavna go even wilder with her reaction. In no time the entire house became full of negative vibes with war of words being everywhere. Dimpy had a casual attitude even when Sambhavna was shouting at her. She, in fact started singing “Jumma chumma dede” to tease her even more. In response of which, Sambhavna called out saying “P3G ko todne waali aurat”


Well, this was not all, another story followed this fight.


Catch the story in tonight’s episode!


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