Salman says Hello after his birthday!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 28th, 2014 at 5:37 pm

The housemates had a very sweet surprise for Salman Khan! It was his birthday yesterday so the housemates danced in front of Salman's ME TV and that made the dashing actor feel truly pleased as he thanked them all!

The show took off for the Weekend ka Vaar and Salman asked them all whom each one wanted to see not go further in the show! Majority of them named Sonali and Dimpy including these two ladies who took their own names. Sonali was the chosen one by Salman to sit on the danger aasan!

Salman asked how her reign as a captain was? She responded saying that was pretty smooth as not many gave her troubles. In fact Salman questioned Dimpy,Karishma and Upen that how did they take her name to bea ca ptain when they didn't get along with her? The trio had their own sweet reasons and they claimed saying they felt she deserved to become the captain when everyone else got one fair chance! Well, if you say so!

Housemates though supported her but also complained to Salman,how being the captain she herself broke the rules!

Well, all said and done let's not forget there's an eviction tonight! What are your predictions for it?

Catch the Sunday ka vaar tonight!


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