Salman Khan stormed out of the Bigg Boss sets???

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It was undeniably a bad weekend for Karishma Tanna. For all that she had to hear from Salman and being interrogated until the point of breakdown. It was during a task wherein the housemates had to raise the red and black placard as questions were thrown at them. Like how many of them felt that Ali truly feels he was going to be the winner of Big Boss season 8? In response, the housemates raised the green placard giving an affirmation. Then they were asked how many felt Gautam was the real fattu? They all once again gave a green including Gautam himself. *Lol* Next question was about ‘Diandra and Karishma to remain best friends forever!’ For this they had mixed responses. There were also some cute questions asked, like ‘How many felt that Sonali had put on weight’ which had all of them raising the green placard. Sonali in her typical manner said‘Yeh kaisa sawaal hai’ *Ehehehe*


During one of these sessions, Salman and other housemates pulled Karishma’s leg which led to her breaking down. As Salman noticed this, he questioned her for the same and lost his temper telling how cool was it from her end if she threw a humor at someone but when it came to others she made statements like ‘It’s not funny’. Karishma controlled herself and said she had a heavy day since morning and that’s the reason she couldn’t help but choke up. She apologized repeatedly but Salman, who was already annoyed about everything, stormed out of the stage leaving them all flabbergasted. *Oh! Shivers*

What made Salman loose his calm and humour? Will Karishma be able to compose herself for the rest of the season? 

Can you afford to miss the episode tonight at 9 pm?


I am still stunned!


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