Salman enters the house with his friend Jallad!

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This one is really interesting. Salman secretly sneaked in the house and just stood there right in front of the housemates just to find them dumbstruck! For a couple of seconds, the gharwaalas couldn’t realize what they were seeing was true. The happiness was apparent on their faces and everyone went on complementing on how handsome he looked. And then something happened! Guess what? He asked theyl if they were following the given resolutions by Kapil Sharma ki family! They all burst out laughing saying yes though it was difficult but they were all trying to do everything they could.Salman Khan pulled Karishma's leg by  his asking her some General Knowledge questions. While she could answer some whereas some gave questions gave a blank look on her face! Like for example – What stands for R in Sachin R Tendulkar! Oh my God!!


Salman also shared how he spent his Birthday and also that some of the ex-contestants from the season were also present. Housemates got excited and curious to know about them. Not only that, the world famous ‘Airporty jallad’ entered the house along with his girlfriend! Lolz! Sorry what? Why was the ‘Airporty jallad’ there?


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