Salman does psycho analysis of the housemates!

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The show opened on a serious note with heartfelt condolences to all the lives lost in the ‘Peshawar incident’ by Salman Khan. Moments later a psychiatrist was invited on stage named ‘Dr.Sawant’ who was asked to give reasoning for every contestant’s individual behavior and the key focus was Upen, who seems to have had the most dramatic transformation!


Salman started off by asking Doctor about Gautam’s personality and why has he always been misunderstood. Doctor responded saying “Gautam has always maintained a flamboyant image in the house and he is carefree,he doesn’t plan things and for this reason his behavior comes as shocker for others." Further the Doctor added, “Gautam ko aisa nahi lagta ki wo dusron se bada hai,yeh sabki galatfehmi hai."


Coming on to Karishma and Puneet’s equation the doctor said that the two always had tiffs because they both are strong headed and stubborn and there was nothing wrong in either of them!


Talking about Ali Quli Mirza when asked by Salman why does he please both the parties, Doctor answered saying “ He is quite adaptive and a street fighter.He uses discretion very well,wo faayde ke hisaab se logon ke paas issliye jata hai”. Quite interesting analysis by the Doctor but you don't want to miss on what he thinks about Upen’s abrupt change in behaviour!


Post the interaction with the Doctor and the ever changing behavior of all the contestants Salman immediately asked the contestants who deserved to go out of the house and who gets to sit in the fearful 'Danger Aasan'. Every contestant shared their discontent and shock about the one contestant who has gone from sober to wild within a week! You know whom we're talking about!


There were videos shown to the housemates of the Hijack task that happened previously in the first part of the season comparing it to the recently-happened task and how everyone's tantrums,reactions and outburst have changed over a period of time.


Four nominees, who do you think will say Good bye?


Do not miss tonight’s episode at 9 pm!



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