Royal treatment for the first challenger!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 30th, 2014 at 1:31 pm

What a sight it was this morning! I saw a few chefs walk inside the house along with some security guards. They were there for nothing else but to cook some delicious breakfast for Ajaz Khan, who entered last night. Now this was certainly not expected by the other housemates who have been slogging inside the house to do just everything and still never got this treatment. Dimpy and other housemates kept following those people everywhere and went requesting if the chefs could cook something nice for them too!


But are things so easy in the Bigg Boss house? Ajaz was served with some nice breakfast and it was definitely interesting to see how curious the inmates felt to talk to them and know so many things. Ajaz Khan was given special instructions not to talk. He was seen sticking the cut outs everywhere in the house that read as ‘Halla  Bol’.Yes the housemates, who are there since long have no clue what the future holds for them! Ajaz told everyone indirectly what images they’ve formed outside and what the janta thinks about each one of them!


Ab aayega Mazaa! 



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