ROLL THE DRUMS! Here Come The Bad Guys

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They say ‘It is good to be bad’ and some of your favorite stars on Colors seem to have taken that seriously.  And we say why not? Because a story would be incomplete without a villain and a hero wouldn’t be a hero if there was no villain. So here are the top ten villains on Colors in comparison with the most epic villains of bollywood. 

1.) Durgaprasad Maheshwari:


Durgaprasad Maheshwari who plays the negative character in Swaragini is one man who we can totally relate to ‘Shakaal’ who was the villain from the movie Shaan because both these bad boys want things to go their way and if they don’t then there is no chance to stop whats coming next.

2.) Akheraj Singh:

jaikant shikre

Akheraj Singh who plays the villain in Balika Vadhu is a tough one to fight against. The anger in Akheraj’s eyes remind us of  Jaikant Shikre from Singham.

3.) Kamal Narayan aka Bhaiyaji:

madan chopra

Kamal Narayan popularly known as Bhaiyaji in Udann has troubled Chakor and the villagers by his evil acts to no limit. He is the perfect sly who cheats with the poor villagers and takes away from what little they have just like Madan Chopra from the movie Baazigar played by Dalip Tahil.

4.) Rai Bahadur Rajveer:


The new entry in Saural Simar Ka has made the lives of Bharadwaj family a living hell and gets things done by others as he has the powers which Maya wants at any cost and  Rajveer takes full advantage of this. This Bad Boy of Colors reminds us of the Khalnayak of bollywood, the one and only Sanjay Dutt. 

5.) Chirag Mehta:


In the show Meri Aashiqui Tum Se hi Chirag Mehta wanted to marry Ishani not because he loved her but he wanted her money. The casonova image that Chirag brought to the show matches to that of the baap of casonovas the one and only Ranjeet who played the character of Mahendar Singh in the movie Laawaris(1981).

6.) Baa:

supriya pathak

Not many would have a doubt on someone respected and an elder member of the family in any case right? Well, that wasn’t the case with Baa who was the main culprit behind the suspense murder mystery of Sunaina in Sasural Simar Ka. Not many women can make justice to a negative character but exceptions like Supriya Pathak who played an irreplaceable role in Ram-Leela.

7.) Balraj Chaudhary:


Balraj Chaudhary who was Madhu’s father in the much loved daily soap on Colors Madhubala, wanted to kill his own daughter at the time of her birth as she was a girl child. Balraj Chaudhary can surely be related to the character of Lajja Shankar Pandey played by Ashutosh Rana in the movie Sangharsh.

8.) Helena:

aruna irani

One of the queens of emperor Bindusara from the epic tale on Colors Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat is a perfect example of a vamp on small screen.  She leaves no chance to promote her son as heir to the throne and rule the dynasty with her evil mind. Helena sure reminds us of the very versatile actor Aruna Irani from the big screen who played a very similar role named Laxmi in the very popular movie Beta.

Playing a negative character is one of the toughest roles to potray on-screen and the above actors have made to fame from shame. Do share your favorite villain with us in the comments below.

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