Roli 'Acts' Her Way To Escape! #SSK

posted by Rushi Raj, last updated on February 24th, 2015 at 7:06 pm

Today’s episode begins on an emotional note where Mataji is crying and in her room. Prem walks in her room and throws away the box of mithaai that he took from Vermaji and consoles Mataji that everything will be alright and soon their real Roli(Shruti) will be back in the Bhardwaj House. 

Roli is about to leave the house when she is shocked to see the family at the door. It was time for the family to return from the temple and she had forgotten it. Sujata and other family members ask Roli if everything was alright. Roli is now in a fix as she wants to get out but has no escape to the situation. 

Meanwhile, Pari forces Roli to cook as she pretends to faint. Siddharth holds her and asks her what happened? Roli replies saying that she was fasting so didn’t eat and is feeling weak. Sujata asks Roli to go and rest and Siddharth tucks Roli in the bed. Taking advantage of the situation, Roli asks Siddharth to take care of the kids so that they don’t scream all night long and she can sleep peacefully. As Siddharth leaves, Roli escapes from the house and meets Jatin. Amar calls Calendar to tell that he has seen Roli leaving the house to meet Jatin. Calendar conveys the same message to Simar and Prem.

Will Roli be 'caught in the act' by Simar or will Roli be able to play smart against Simar's plan?

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