Role reversals on Bigg Boss cause another argument between Rohan and Swami Om

posted by Seema Chugh, last updated on November 3rd, 2016 at 12:25 pm

After the Celebrities won the 'Gupt Karya' yesterday, they are extremely elated. On the other hand the disappointment on the faces of Indiawale knew no bounds.  They are certainly not happy on losing out on this task and power position. And the one who seems to be the most displeased is Swami Om. Surely playing the Raja of the house was very dear to him.
Now, with this twist, the Indiawale must gear up for getting a taste of their own medicine.  All sorts of drama can be expected from this role reversal.


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Young blood, Rohan Mehra and motor-mouth Swami Om hit a new chord of argument tonight. Rohan asks Swami Om to clean the jail and Swami Om retorts saying that it is incorrect to settle scores through a task. Rohan’s temper heats up and he says he will punish Swami Om if he doesn’t carry out the task.

Swami Om opines that Rohan is basically trying his best avenge what happened with him. Rohan gives it back to him that if he wanted to go all out and make life difficult for Swami Om, he would even ask him to mop the jail which he didn’t.


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What can we say now? Jail ‘naa saaf’ karne ke armaan aasuon mein beh gaye. Aaiye, let’s see how this argument will give birth to more twists tonight. Tune in at 10.30PM!

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