Rising Star Sets The Bar Really High

posted by Tuhin Mitra, last updated on March 16th, 2017 at 5:53 pm



Rising Star gave us some intense one on one engagement between contestants in the ‘Duels Ki Takkar’ round, which came to an end last weekend. There was always going to come a moment when two equally good singers would have to compete against each other, which would result in one of them staying and the other saying goodbye to the platform. There were a few such moments last weekend which had the experts in disarray as they had to accept the fact that some really talented singers had to go no matter how well they performed. The show is at a stage where such moments are inevitable and the increasing challenge sets the bar really high as far as performances go.


The contestants will have to come up with some new surprises to impress everyone and be consistently great in their performances if they want to stay on the show, which is a real challenge going forward. Each moment counts and this is where things get interesting as India will have to be more vigilant and vote carefully for the ones they feel genuinely deserve to win. Things will be extremely tricky and we will be witness to many more such thrilling moments, where a difficult choice will have to be made, for only one person can become the ‘Rising Star’.


Stay tuned and keep the votes coming!

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