Reward for the first part of the judgement day!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 4th, 2014 at 1:30 pm

Big Boss asked Pritam to name three people, who could be genuinely considered for immunity for the next week’s nominations. Pritam before that got some time to interact with  all of them and judge secretly whom he considered to be safe for next week’s nominations. Ultimately, Pritam called out three names as – Praneet, as he felt he puts across opinions in a very subtle and mature manner avoiding disputes, second name as Karishma because he feels she has the go getter attitude in her, an attitude to win at any situation giving an example of her last head injury, and surprisingly the last name as Dimpy! I wondered how could she be chosen, hence to make this nomination more clear Pritam stated that both him and Dimpy haven’t understood each other that well and by giving her this opportunity he could get a chance to understand her and vice-versa. Wow! Pritam such a wise thought! Log toh khaamakha tumpe gussa kar rahe hain! (grins).


The very next moment Big Boss announced a task wherein three would compete with each other and the one to win would be declared immune for next week’s eviction procedure!


As per the task,  there were three poles placed in the swimming pool with yellow boards attached below the water level, wherein they would stand before the buzzer rings for the task to start. On the second buzzer the three would stand on the metallic stand of an inch in size with the support of holding the pole and the one who lasts longest would win! I saw Praneet giving up in 5 minutes. 


I would kill the curiosity if I declare the winner! So, watch tonight's episode!


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