Renee remains selfish as Upen goes Blonde!

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So, in the new App task, the batteries dipped as kept getting discharged as the apps were used by housemates, which made them incredibly happy and delighted, making it one of the best days in the house for most of them. But this time the sacrifice to be given was more challenging for the players than before. The two batteries were asked to color their hair blonde. Wait, what? All the hopes clinged onto Renee. And once again, Renee showed her selfish side and said she wouldn’t do this. Now this actually made many of them upset and absolutely annoyed. Renee chose being adamant saying she wasn’t getting anything in return and hence she feels no need to care about others.


Upen, after putting his hands through the swamp, once again gave a go ahead to get his hair bleached and Diandra helped him colour his hair. Hmmm I think Upen’s Dariyadili might be somewhere related to his selfish motive of going safe from eviction. Quite possible huh!


Praneet took the responsibility of talking to Renee and told her that she wasn’t even thinking about helping someone which was very wrong, and she answered that she feels left out in the house. She said that she feels all alone and nobody is there to think about her feelings.What? Really? Looks like you forgot to give it a second thought while making such statements!


Watch how housemates suffer because of Renee's attitude!


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