Renee and Pritam's turn for dispute!

posted by Admin, last updated on November 24th, 2014 at 12:13 pm

Remember how Diandra had referred to Renee as a firework when she had entered the show? But now it looks like that this firecracker doesn’t know when to burst! Lol! Confused Renee does not understand when to open her mouth and when to keep it shut.


This morning she lost it on Pritam when he was touching things around her bed while she wasn’t around. It had put her off completely and she started yelling at Pritam for the same. Pritam, a little surprised by this unreasonable shouting, told her that he was just trying to clean it. But, looked like Renee was in a different zone altogether and she actually wanted to pick up a fight. Pritam told her to relax and not to overreact on things. He also questioned her that why most of the girls in the house become so fussy telling “My bed,My things,My place”? Basically, what he meant to say was that everything inside the house was Big Boss’s property and nobody had the right to say it's their personal space.


Pritam, who is already annoyed with Renee’s presence, keeps pointing it out to her that she shouldn’t compare this show with the previous show she was in. He said she goes overboard most of the times not knowing where to draw the line while she speaks. He said if she comes to him with these minor things every time he would give it back to her, although, doesn’t like to involve himself into silly disputes. Oh Pritam! So you mean to say most of the fights in the house are for silly reasons? *Lol* We all think the same!


Let’s watch if Renee realizes her mistake!


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