Relationship goals from our favorite Jodis of COLORS

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Love is eternal, love is divine! Any relationship can sail through life’s deadliest challenges when love and trust become the foundation of it.

Something similar we see in most of our shows, every story that has two lovers in it goes through unlimited obstacles and problems, but the bottom line remains how the two people truly committed to each other overcome those issues while keeping the love and compassion alive. What one learns through these stories is that, no matter what problems may arise or situation takes an unexpected turn, one shouldn’t succumb to things. That’s where the real test of love happens.

Here are some of the jodis from COLORS who proved LOVE is not just for the name sake but includes – perseverance, understanding, respect, sacrifice and trust.


Kasam – Where Love goes beyond one life, and stays eternal. Where two people don’t need words to express their feelings but can simply feel the emotions each moment.





Shakti – Love here faces the harsh challenges of the society, the society that raises fingers. One’s commitment towards the other and the assurance that one would never leave the other at any point in life.





Dil Se Dil Tak – A couple in the story depicts the purity of commitment and explains that love is not just about having rosy pictures of life. It explains how to be there by each other’s side when the whole world has turned against them.





Naagin 2 – A relationship is maintained by a lot of efforts that two people put in together. When life comes to its real testing time, how one reacts and what one does in the best way possible to go on with each other without getting affected by the external world.





Udann – Love here is defined by the simplicity of relation that is loaded with unlimited trust and understanding. Love means to stand by the other, during worst of situations without getting shaken.





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