Read now: Will an extremely puzzled Chandrakanta find all her answers this weekend!

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Life hasn’t remained hunky-dory for Chandrakanta ever since she got married. Iravati has been after her life, as Chandrakanta is a major threat for Iravati’s life as per the prophecies.


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On a personal level, Chandrakanta has been facing one set back after the other post her wedding with Veer. Gehna who claims to bear Veer’s child has put her to question several things. Chandrakanta in a perplexed state is seeking answers from everywhere. Especially about her true identity. Her relation with queen Ratnaprabha. She has been envisioning her past but is yet to know that she is the real princess of Vijaygarh, who is blessed with supreme powers by God’s grace and due to the good causes of her mother (Ratnaprabha).




Chandrakanta sets out to save her marriage which is in trouble.

Iravati who is constantly plotting against Chandrakanta will come across as the biggest obstruction.




How will Chandrakanta manage to overcome the problems that seem to be never ending? Will she get awakened to her own hidden powers and make use of them?

Watch the secrets getting unleashed this weekend on ‘Chandrakanta’


Sat-Sun at 8 PM!​

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