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Your wait will finally get over this weekend, as ‘Chadrakanta’ launches on 24th of June at 8 PM. Be ready for a mystique tale that talks about rivalry between the two kingdoms. Not to miss on the beautiful love story that encapsulates.


We present some of the essential characters of this magical story –





Chandrakanta -  Breathtakingly beautiful and a wonderful soul, Chandrakanta is the daughter of king and queen of Vijaygarh, one of the wealthiest kingdoms in the land of Aiyars. As an infant she becomes the victim of the destruction of the kingdom caused by the evil Rani Iravati from the kingdom of Naugarh. Chandrakanta is safely put on the back of their pet dolphin and she reaches to Suryagarh in the hands of an ordinary Aiyyar couple. She grows up to be a lovely looking young lady who is exceptionally skilled, brave and powerful in magic but at the same time extremely humble and kind about her own prowess.




Prince Veerendra – Son of the evil queen Iravati and and differently abled king, Surendra of Naugarh. Veerendra is good person at heart but driven by the ambition that his mother always fed him.His father’s goodness imbibes him with all the more goodness. He is extremely close to his father. Veerendra is a charming young man, women around him die for his attention. He is an aggressive, ruthless warrior who is passionate about his beliefs. He strangely gets attracted to Chandrakanta but that also triggers his competitive spirit as she is extremely skilled.




Queen Iravati – She is an aiyaara by birth and extremely good with her magical powers. She gets all the more hungry for power over a period of time. Queen Ratna is her biggest rival, and she has always been jealous of her being getting married to a king more superior and with a powerful kingdom. Iravati has been always very insecure and competitive about these aspects. She is married to King Surendra who is more inclined towards art rather than the warfare. She destroys Queen Ratna’s kingdom because out animosity. Iravati can go to any lengths in her pursuit for power.


Prince Shivdutt – He is the lone heir of the kingdom, born with a golden spoon. He is an arrogant brash young man who is very stubborn by nature. He believes in his superiority by birth and loves bullying his legion Kroor Singh. He is instigated by Kroor Singh and enjoys dominating his sisters.





Queen Ratnaprabha – Mother of Chandrakanta. She is an epitome of positive energy. She struggles with all her might to fight against Iravati who attempts to destroy her family and kingdom.


Stay tuned, as there are some more crucial characters in the story you will see as the story unfolds.


Chandrakanta starts on 24th Jun at 8 PM!

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