Ranvir remarries Ishani? #MATSH

posted by Prerna Arora, last updated on February 18th, 2015 at 7:12 pm

Finally the fans are getting to see their much awaited Ranvir-Ishani love story! After a lot struggle and misunderstandings the two lovebirds have finally reunited and are in fact feeling up the romance more than ever.  

After Chirag’s desperate attempt to break Ranvir’s trust over Ishani, the plan eventually backfired and has brought Ranvir and Ishani all the more closer. Celebrating Valentine’s week we’ll get to see Ranvir and Ishani ignite those sparks of romance in their married life. The dup will be seen indulging in some ‘sweet flirting’ and to make their relationship stronger Ranvir will go a step ahead and burn those divorce papers and take the auspicious ‘saat pheras’!

Now isn’t that a dream-come-true for all you fans?! We can’t wait to watch how the drama and the much-spoken romance unfold this week. But will there be a twist, namely in the name of Amba and Baa to disrupt the reunion of Ranvir and Ishani?

Well, keep watching this space for all the latest updates!

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