Rangoon : Transformation Of Saif, Shahid & Kangana!

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Rangoon is an ambitious love story set in the midst of World War II. The three lead characters are played to perfection by Shahid Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan and Kangana Ranaut. The stellar cast is a huge part of the reason why the movie is really worth a watch.


Kangana Ranaut plays the character of Miss Julia, the famous actress, who is a creation of Rusi Billimoria (played by Saif Ali Khan), who not only makes her a star but also loves her like his own but treats her like his most treasured property. Julia is sent to Burma for entertaining the Indian soldiers with her dance and theatrics. Nawab Malik (played by Shahid Kapoor) is a British Indian army soldier charged with protecting her. Both of them fall in love eventually.


All three characters went through quite a dramatic transformation for the movie and they really got into the skin of their characters.



Shahid Kapoor donned a rough and tough avatar which fits his character well. A true soldier & patriot amidst a war ravaged land who stands firm in his beliefs and ideals. A man who values his love for his nation more than his own life. He eventually falls in love with the woman he’s been charged to protect, who also becomes an important part of his life. The rugged look in the film really worked wonders for his character!




Kangana Ranaut really gets deep into her character and plays a badass woman who pays a fitting homage to Fearless Nadia. She once again proves why she is the 'Queen' and her avatar in the movie is a delight to watch where she channels her wild side! The dialogues are hard-hitting as well! We can’t think of anyone better than Kangana to do justice to the role, truly. The short hairdo added a nice touch, staying true to the time period the film was set in.




Saif Ali Khan plays a suave, rogue-ish character who really brings out the darkness in the character and goes wild with it. His dapper look as a 40s filmmaker is fantastic, and his controlled performance really sets the tone for the movie. Shining as both a charming, suave romantic and as a ruthless, Parsi film producer. He perfectly captures the body language, traits and mannerisms of a wealthy Parsi from the 40s.


Do not miss watching the world television premiere of ‘Rangoon’, this Sunday (28th May) at 1 PM!

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