'Raja aur Rank' : New Task on Bigg Boss 10!

posted by Prutha Soman, last updated on November 1st, 2016 at 11:35 am

Every time we think what next could be in store for the contestants, Bigg Boss 10 comes up with a superb twist. Everyone is going to have a blast with tonight’s task, Raja aur Rank!




In the task, Indiawale are playing the ‘Raja’ or the royals. The Celebrities become the ‘Rank’ or their workers. The task is to be played in complete costume and hence everyone changes into suitable costume for the character they play. This definitely adds to the entertainment quotient and fun factor of the task.






Om Swami is made the ‘Raja’ and all he wants to do is lock up everyone in jail! Manveer is the Rajkumar while Nitibha plays his wife, ‘Bahu’. Gaurav plays the ‘Wazir’ and Bani is the ‘Angrakshak’! Doesn’t that sound absolutely loaded with entertainment?




There’s a lot more that will unfold in tonight’s episode! Do tune in to Bigg Boss 10 tonight at 10.30PM

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