Purab & Malaika's Attempt To Murder Tanuja Fails Again on 'Kasam'

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Previously on the show, Tanuja and Rishi shared a wonderful dance after Beeji told Tanuja to forget everything and be a good wife to Rishi. While dancing, Rishi and Tanuja had a silly argument where Tanuja asked Rishi to apologise for touching her inappropriately while zipping her up. Rishi told Tanuja to apologise for her unruly behaviour all the time.

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Beeji found Netra in a corner having a conversation with someone on the phone but she hung up as soon as she saw Beeji. After a small conversation, Beeji started suspecting that Netra is the one who is betraying their trust and has joined Purab in his plan to destroy the Bedi family. While dancing, Tanuja bumped into the person who was trying to kill her. This caused him to drop his gun. Rishi saw the man dressed as a waiter acting suspicious and told Manpreet to keep an eye on him.

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Purab got furious and told Malaika that she failed again and chose an incompetent person to do the job. The killer called Malaika and told her that the gun fell under the table where Beeji and Ahaana are sitting. Malaika immediately went there to retrieve the gun herself. Ahaana and Beeji saw her under the table and asked her what she was trying to do. Malaika made an excuse and told her she was trying to touch Beeji’s feet to steal her blessings since she wouldn’t give it willingly.

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Rishi asked Tanuja if she still has feelings for him. She denied but Rishi told her that he can see love for him in her eyes and the eyes never lie.

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