Puneet's comment rubs Upen the wrong way!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 14th, 2014 at 2:39 pm

All this happened during spin the wheel session when Puneet advised Pritam that he should start hanging out with good company in the house and not those who sway him, pointing at Upen and Karishma. He said they were trying to influence Pritam’s thoughts and perception. Puneet later mentioned that he named the two in a very light hearted manner but Upen didn’t let it go so easily. He spoke out everything that he was carrying inside his heart since long regarding Puneet. In fact I even heard him telling Puneet, “Aap ghar mein gandgi faila rahe ho, hum nahi.”  This was about to initiate another round of brawl in the house but both of them tackled the situation quite well. Thank Gawd!


Karishma was frowning in anger since morning and bitched to Ali asking him that how could he look upto a person like Puneet ji, who called Ali a GT, a ‘Garbage truck!’ 

Ali who is playing his own smart game didn’t give much reaction on that, and I am wondering about what was going inside his head? But, right now I am more anxious to know who is leaving the house tonight!


Watch the Weekend ka Vaar tonight!


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