Puneet's anger can flip anytime Says Deepali Issar

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Puneet’s wife Deepali thinks his journey in the Bigg Boss house is like an electro cardiogram with so many ups and downs and she and her daughter are proud of the man as he had never seen Bigg Boss before. He didn’t have any idea how to play or what to do in the house and today when he has come so far in the game, Deepali is happy that Puneet could manage to survive. In a fun chat, Deepali Issar answered certain interesting questions about her husband Puneet and his Bigg Boss stay in a candid manner!

What do you have to say about Puneet’s stay in the house?

I am really proud of him and the way he has survived. My daughter who has been following Bigg Boss for many seasons told him that he will come back home in one week or max 2 weeks  but he is still there playing strong. Initially I thought he was trying to be somebody else but soon he realized that he is in a pool of sharks and he has to bring out his strong and real personality which is no nonsense and Black or White, meaning no grey!

Do you see any changes in him?

Off course I do. He use to call up our servant even to give the TV remote to him when he was home and today I see him cooking, cleaning, working, staying awake for the task. These are few things which makes me very happy. And yes the most important thing is he has lost so much weight which I am so happy about.

Housemates have accused him of being two faced and a back biter what do you have to say about this?

He is not a back biter for sure. He is all the time assessing people and trying to find out their game plan. If you see he has always been in tandem with the audiences and the callers who call. Whatever he predicts has come true majority of times. And as far as being two faced is concerned, I think everyone in the house is. Everyone wants to save themselves. So what’s wrong if Puneet plays diplomatically?

Even Salman said that he is coming across as negative because of things he does or discusses with Gautam.

Yes If Salman has said then I am sure he must have seen something which has made him say that. I will never contradict him because I know how close he is to Puneet and whatever he says is very important for Puneet but at the same time I would like to say that Puneet was taken in the house because of his personality and certain traits which he exhibits  and that is what he is doing. If they wanted some one 'seedha saadha' or a perfectly positive person then they would  have taken Alok Nath and not Puneet. So if my husband is giving what is expected from him then what’s the harm in that? Isn't it good for the show?

People say that Puneet is a 'gossip monger'. Your comments on it?

That even I will agree! (laughs). Puneet loves gossiping and there is no doubt about it he is exactly what he is outside the house.

What you to say about his temper problem?

Oh yes he has a rage problem and he can flip anytime.. But what is seen in the house is controlled because it’s a show otherwise it wouldn’t have been manageable. When he was leaving for Bigg Boss he promised anger management and hunger management. Hunger management is happening as he has lost so much weight and anger management is also happening I feel.

What you have to say about his bond with Gautam?

I exactly know why they bonded. Both of them are twisted in their own way and that is what clicks for them. They have their individuality and choices but still they would stick to each other because they have a lot in common. 'Gautam bhi tedha hai and Puneet bhi' and that’s what keeps them together. And I can write it and give that if there is anyone who Puneet will be in touch with post the show gets over, is Gautam.

Who  is your favorite contestant in the house?

Ofcourse Puneet! But besides Puneet I like Gautam because I think he is loyal, talented, entertainer and a positive person. I also like Ali, Karishma and Pritam because they are smart players.  Rest all have lost the plot I feel. 

If given a chance what message would you like to convey to Puneet?

I would like to say that here on be careful. People will instigate and provoke him but he has to maintain his calm. Focus and just play a good game.

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