Pritam wins the Hotel task, takes away immunity from a housemate!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 17th, 2014 at 5:19 pm

Pritam won in the Hotel task with maximum earnings. As a winner, Bigg Boss gave him a special advantage to oin down the picture of one contender amongst the remaining four, whom he wanted to remove from the immunity race. It was a tough call and he took a while to decide on that name. After coming to a conclusion that included a lot of reasoning he declared that he chose Dimpy and removed her picture from the board calling her the most strong contender in the house and that if she fought alongside, she could prove to be a threat to his immunity! A smile on Dimpy’s face said it all. How she knew Pritam would remove her for the same. She in fact also said “Haar ke jeetne waalon ko baazigar kehte hain!”


So now they were just three, Karishma,Gautam and Pritam himself, eligible to move on to the next task. And as Praneet announced the next task, everyone shivered. The next task was 'Hijack!' The task, that was the foundation for Karishma-Gautam animosity. Three chairs were placed in the garden area during the chilly night. Yeah! The trio had to sit on them clasping the seat belts, testing their own tolerance and patience controlling everything, without moving. Facing the torture of other inmates if any. And the one, who stayed till the end could win the immunity from nominations for the week.



Stay tuned to know who is safe this week from the nominations. Watch the episode tonight @ 9 pm!


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