Pritam thinks Diandra is the most eligible girl in town!

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Pritam was at his whackiest self and as he saw Karishma and Diandra chit chatting, he thought of joining in and have some fun with the ladies. So, he stood up saying that Diandra was absolutely ready for marriage and that she was the most eligible bride for all those outside looking for a good match. Pritam said anybody would love to marry Diandra as she is so unique and different. Especially, the number of tattoos she has on her body that make her even more attractive. He then went on describing the tattoos she had on her arms and legs, which was too hilarious how he described the understanding he had for those strange shapes on her skin!


Diandra laughingly said that she has mood swings so whoever wants to marry her should be ready to tolerate that. And then finally when Pritam mentioned about the Church marriage she would have she blushingly cut him between saying that not necessary she goes for Church wedding only and it could be a marriage as per any other religion also. Pritam commented saying “Aur inse shaadi ke baad aap paa sakte hain yeh rainbow waale baal” *Rofl* Sometimes Pritam goes absolutely crazy!



See how these funny housemates turn competitive in the Luxury budget task of this week tonight!


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