Pritam and Rahul poke fun at each other!

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And now it was Rahul's turn as he chose to speak to Pritam Pyaare. He straight away started questioning the customer care executive. He started off asking him that when he was so popular in pleasing all the Bhaabhiz out there in the nation then why didn't he  hesitate in regretting his outburst with another mahila, who was part of the Bigg Boss house during the Hijack task? Why did he get so furious by just a few pokes by Dimpy? Pritam calmly answered every question for Rahul. But here Rahul kept winking at his team that he was trying to overpower him, and just then Pritam too got in form telling “Agar aap aisse sawaal kar hi rahe ho toh main bhi ab aapko acche se jawaab deta hun.” Both of them brought upon topics which they would otherwise not talk about in the house as they share a decent bond. But looks like the task gave both of them a chance to question and answer each other on the issues which were totally unexplained to them.


After a point it even felt like that Pritam was about to give up while banging his headphone. But surprisingly, I noticed both of them judged that they were having fun talking and were more interested in pulling each-others leg and passing sarcastic comments. Rahul directly kept telling him “Besharam phone rakh de, kaise kaise log hote hain?”  Pritam grinned at his colleagues indicating that he was almost winning in his turn!


This call will be something really to look forward to!


Don’t miss it and tune in @9pm tonight


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