Press Conference came as a surprise for the contestants!

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Who would have thought what the evening had in store for them? There was an announcement for the contestants by Bigg Boss to gather in the activity area and as they entered all looked astonished. They couldn’t believe if this was planned by Big Boss for them and were taken by a little surprise, though all of them looked excited for the press conference.


Journalists and media surrounded them, and waited for an opportunity to get directly connected with them in the house. Though the contestants looked un-prepared but they quite sporting. Want to know who got grilled the most? Upen, Gautam,  Puneet and Pritam were asked the most questions.

The interesting questions that were asked to the contestants were- Would Dimpy want to rethink about marriage? Sonali is the only one who has put on weight in the house! Why did Pritam get provoked in the last task when he knew Dimpy is the mastermind? Why did Gautam deny accepting his relationship with Diandra? Upen talked a lot about women’s dignity in past then why did he go against KT during captaincy task? Why did he abuse Sonali few days back in front of everyone? Why didn’t he listen to Dimpy during her captaincy and refused to work? What did KT and Punzz have to say about their love and hate relationship in the house?

Wouldn’t you want to know what the contestants answered?


Watch the press conference tonight at 9 pm!


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