Precap, Episode 2 - Khatron Ke Khiladi - Darr Ka Blockbuster Returns

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It's Episode no.2 and the Khiladis are already facing fear like they have never faced before.Iqbal Khan, Sana Khan & Harshad Arora are already wearing the 'Fear Phanda' and are in the nomination list just after two stunts. Today in Khatron Ke Khiladi - Darr Ka Blockbuster Returns we will see the remaining six khiladis perform their task and wait for the twist brought in by none other than the Host Rohit Shetty.

The first stunt is performed by Riddhi, Rakesh and Hussain its called 'sheesha ho ya dil ho aakhir toot jaata hai'. Riddhi Dogra goes first in the task followed by Rakesh Kumar and then Hussain. This order was decided by a little wild angry surprise which was tied onto a huge monitor lizard. The khiladis had to untie the knot by using only their mouth as their hands were holding the monitor lizard down.

Riddhi goes first to do the stunt. Performs a little below expectations. Rakesh Kumar performs good but Hussain kills the stunt and performs the best and beats the rest. But, after completing the stunt when Hussain comes out of the water he realises that he is bleeding. He has glass cuts on his forehead and on his lips and that is when Rohit Shetty warns all the viewers once again not to try any of these at home. This brings Riddhi into the 'Fear Phunda' gang as her timing was the highest compared to Rakesh and Hussain.

Task no.2 for the day, the remaining three khiladis Siddharth, Nathalia and Archana are yet to perform their stunt and now it's their turn. Rohit Shetty in his own prankster way decides who will be the first one to be going for the stunt. This stunt is called 'Rafta Rafta'. Siddharth goes first followed by Nathalia and then Archana. Nathalia performs the best and Siddharth gets the 'Fear Phunda' band on his arm. Now, comes the twist, all 14 khiladis have performed 5 stunts in total and out of that five khiladis are in the evication list. Iqbal Khan, Harshad Arora, Sana Khan, Siddharth Bhardwaj and Riddhi Dogra have the 'fear phunda' bands. Rohit Shetty now asks these five to perform a stunt and whoever will perform the worst will be sent home today.

It's just the second episode and someone leaves for home back to India. That will be short and sad journey for whoever that khiladi is. But, there is one more twist in the story. To find out what is that twist that Rohit Shetty surprises the khiladis with watch Khatron Ke Khiladi - Darr Ka Blockbuster Returns tonight at 9pm only on Colors!

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