Praneet says Good bye through 'Me Tv'

posted by Admin, last updated on December 21st, 2014 at 3:48 pm

Yeah! As you know how the eviction happened in a surprising event, on Saturday itself! Praneet’s Parinde arrived just one day before than usual. However, Panditji looked pretty okay, rather happy about it. Praneet was seen getting emotional after seeing his journey in the house as he shared the stage with Salman Khan and he was finally saying Good bye to everyone. Sonali, Ali and Pritam were extremely low and emotional after Praneet left.

Praneet gave personal message and advise to all of them, especially Sonali, Puneet, Pritam and Ali. Sonali confessed that she would now be lonely and would miss him terribly. On the other hand Salman appreciated how he played through the season and even handed him over a souvenir that had tiny birds sitting on the branches! *tweet tweet* While leaving the house Praneet got to choose one name whom he wanted to gift the ‘Big Bomb’ in order to replace himself as a captain and that person had to stand against other to win the captaincy task. Praneet knew how Sonali was left over being the captain, and how keen she was on the same, with same intent he called out Sonali’s name. Going forward Sonali would compete with others for the next captaincy.


Who do you think can become the next captain? Will Upen and Karishma let Sonali win?


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