Praneet attempts first chori, gets caught!

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Praneet took the lead, in going for the kill. The sight actually looked quite difficult for the thieves to enter as all you could see was tight security all around. Gautam and Puneet ensured they don’t leave the store room area wherein the thieves were to put an end to their mission. As Praneet tried taking away one of the pieces, guard Upen caught hold of him right away! Inside the Prison, Praneet tried to give good explanation to Upen as in why he should be released.Upen somewhere agreed as it was just the first attempt so far. The other two thieves Ali and Karishma waited and did rounds of the living area to have their partner in crime released as soon as possible.


Here Praneet tried to have a deal with Diandra and Upen. When Di asked him to wash the clothes of all the guards present out there, Praneet stepped backwards asking them to leave and close the prison room door, as he was least interested in doing the job.


Simlultaneously, Ali kept fidgeting with stuff here and therel,and was repeatedly caught. Finally, Ali was put inside the jail, and everyone felt happy as they all had enough of his voice all around. But this was just the beginning. Watch the episode to find more inside scoops.


Iss task mein kiski lagegi vaat!


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