Praneet and Sonali enjoy their part of gossip!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 15th, 2014 at 3:57 pm

All I could see is how everyone in the house are getting so fed up with the increasingly irritating acts of Upen and Karishma! Praneet showed his concern as in how he has seen Upen’s drastic change in behavior over the period and how has he changed from being peace loving and calm to now showing the grey shade of his nature. He quoted calling Upen being snappy on an alarming rate! Sonali too shared how she has started finding him absolutely weird for no reason which has increased the distance between them.

They both discussed how Upen and Karishma have become friends but unfortunately not for good as they were just involved in thinking and turning things bad for others,  hurting them and disregarding too. Sonali mentioned, how wrong Karishma’s act was to cry infront of Salman Khan for petty reason, giving her own example she said she always took such humors as pinch of salt and Karishma’s reaction was totally foolish. She not only spoilt the atmosphere and healthy joke but became reason for upsetting others.


Well, after all this, all we can hope is them to have some insight on how people are judging them not inside the house but outside too. Who agrees on this?



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