PGD - Is this the start of a new group?

posted by Admin, last updated on December 6th, 2014 at 6:55 pm

Lately the trio of Puneet, Gautam and Dimpy has been seen hanging around and chit-chatting quite too often. And Sonali definitely seems to be their favorite topic! Just yesterday we saw Gautam sharing his experience of travelling to and fro the mall with Sonali and all her attempts to get close to him! And today I spotted the three gossiping about her.

This time topic of discussion was Sonali’s ungrateful nature which seems to be disturbing Puneet, Dimpy and Gautam. So here’s the deal, Sonali asked Diandra, Karishma and Dimpy to help get ready makeup et al for the Weekend ka Vaar episode and when the three asked her to help in return she flatly refused!

Now this is no news that Sonali is a flaky kinda girl but her ungrateful nature hasn’t gone down well with the trio apparently.  While enjoying their chai sessions in the morning I heard the three share their personal experiences each time Sonali has been ungrateful to them. Gee, this Sonali surely knows how to be in news!

But I’m more surprised to see how within a few days Dimpy has gotten so close to the PG – Puneet and Gautam! She is usually spotted spending time with the two and is always trying to help them, be in task or otherwise. What’s the game plan Dimpy? Thinking of changing P3G to PGD? 

Ah well, I believe what Ali once said, “P3G ho ya PQRST winner toh ek hi hoga!”

I should also go get ready to meet Salman in Weekend ka Vaar!




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