Parth worried after knowing Teni's feelings.

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It has become really awkward for Parth to live in the same house where he recently discovered about the true feelings of Teni. He clearly knows that she doesn’t love Aman but him. Parth feels Teni is doing all of this because she is childlike and doesn’t know the future repercussions. However he is still trying to keep his calm by staying away from her as much as he can.





On the other side Teni is struggling immensely with her mind and heart. A lot disturbed with her feelings that is deepening for Parth, Teni wants to get rid of this.






Aman gives a surprise to Teni by showing her the passport and her US visa and mentions that now she is ready to leave along with him. Parth and Shorvari truly feel happy for her as this has been a long cherished dream for Teni. But even despite such great news Teni feels unhappy from within in fact feels surprised at herself thinking why there is no joy in her heart after knowing this!






Teni and Aman’s wedding is round the corner, starting with haldi tonight. What’s going to happen on ‘Dil Se Dil Tak’? Any guesses?





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