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In an interesting twist yesterday we saw how Teni got into a big trouble when she accidently poured the alcohol in the Kalash that was supposed to be used for puja. The moment she realized, it was too late as Foram had already carried the Kalash for puja thinking it carried Yamuna water. Teni couldn’t find any solution, as she wasn’t allowed to enter the mandir. Even after pretending to get fainted, Teni couldn’t help herself much. Finally Parth arrived at the scene and Teni secretly explained him the whole matter. Parth hurried towards the mandir thinking how he could stop everyone from using the Kalash.





Suddenly Parth pretended to sneeze on the Kalash, that made it impure for use. He said he would change the water and get back. This brought a sigh of relief to Teni. In the meanwhile Teni changed the Kalash and handed over to Parth while she carried the one which had alcohol.






Teni later remembered how she had made a promise to Parth she wouldn’t drink until she delivered their child. However she still felt tempted to drink the alcohol in the Kalash.  She also thinks of Parth who is taking her utmost care in absence of Shorvari.





In the upcoming episodes we will see how Sejal heading for a party gets scolded by Bharat, who thinks Teni is very cultured, and that she should learn from her. Sejal feels humiliated and plans to take a revenge from Teni by making her wear a shoes that she says are from America. The shoes look normal until Teni bends to adjust it properly and just then Sejal presses a button that makes the wheels come out of the sole. Teni trying to balance herself hurtles towards the stairs, just in the nick of time Parth comes and holds Teni saving her. Parth is even about to slap Sejal but gets stopped by Shorvori who arrives at the scene.





Further we would  see many sequences where Parth takes side of Teni, in fact at one instance he apologizes to Sejal only when Teni asks him to do so.  A series of events are bound to happen when Poyni and Indu start doubting Parth and Teni’s relation.





Many more interesting twists are yet to come. Are you excited to know more? Then do not miss any episode!

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